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Barnes Sports Clinic has two full time Chartered Physiotherapists on site, Matthew Barnes and Stephen Barnes. We cater for people from all different walks of life, from athletes to office workers. We also maintain a healthy rapport with many general practitioners, specialists, surgeons and clinical institutions which ensures that you get the best treatment available when you need it.

We have a firm belief in the importance of fully rehabilitating injured areas of the body. This strong belief is reflected by the fact that our Clinic boasts one of the most extensively equipped rehabilitation gyms in private practice. See our gym page for more details of our gymnasium. We champion a professional yet informal approach to physiotherapy and know that the best way to solve your problems starts with our listening to you. In this way you can feel assured and at ease with the treatments that you receive at the Barnes Sports Clinic as you will have had a say in the formation of your own treatment protocol.

The Clinic offers a large array of treatments for physical injuries be they recently received or long term ongoing problems. This means that should for any reason a treatment be unsuccessful there are plenty more that we can draw upon to facilitate your recovery.

The Clinic also has fully qualified Advanced Sports Therapists at hand to aid tag heuer replica in your rehabilitation program and to contribute at every step of your healing. These professionals are experienced therapists and teachers in their own right and often work closely with our Chartered Physiotherapists through the course of a clinical treatment protocol.

We have updated our electrotherapy machines with highly advanced Chattanooga technology from DJO Global

See this video for more details about our new equipment, as well as a unique insight into our history.

Treatments Available at the Barnes Sports Clinic include:

Treatment of a knee Sports Therapy - see our page on sports therapy here.
Sports Massage - see our section about sports massage here.
Therapeutic Ultrasound – Penetrative ultrasonic sound-waves that help to facilitate the healing processes by heating and softening damaged tissue.
Ultrasound scanning – A type of diagnostic imaging that can be used to detect intra-muscular and other soft tissue injuries.
Interferential – This is a versatile treatment tool that has a variety of uses. It can be used to: - Increase blood flow, promoting healing
- Stimulate the skeletal muscles, increasing their strength and size during rehabilitation
- Anagesic (pain relief)
Medical Acupuncture - This is a research-supported technique using sterile needles which are inserted into specific areas of the body at predetermined depths. Despite how it sounds, patients usually feel little or no discomfort and often experience significant symptomatic relief.
Electro-Acupuncture - This treatment borrows from the principles of medical acupuncture but, instead of needles, uses special devices designed to deliver small electric currents to an area of the body.
Cryotherapy – This term covers a broad range of cold treatments, which can include:
- Ice massage
- Cold compression packs
- Ice spray
- Cryocuff (a specially designed cold compression sleeve)
Shortwave therapy – Magnetic pulse waves which have a variety of effects on damaged tissue, broadly concerning the promoting of the body’s healing processes.
TENS – Similar to interferential, but less treatment-specific, it is used to stimulate muscle tissue for increased tone and development.
Thermotherapy – This term covers a broad range of heat treatments, which include:

- Hot flannels
- Heat packs
- Heat rubs
- Infra-red lamp
- Some massage techniques
LIPUS (Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound) - Acquired by Barnes Sports Clinic 2014, the LIPUS oesteotron electrotherapy machine has shown extraordinary results in accelerating fracture healing. This, of course, is useful for anyone who has sustained a fracture, but is of particular importance for reducing healing time for competitive athletes, such as rugby players, footballers and motocross riders.

Related FAQ: Why is Chartered Society of Physiotherapy status important? The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy is a member-led supporting professional organization. They are the most prominent physiotherapy association in the UK, and they oversee the quality and welfare of those who deliver physiotherapy and receive it. Chartered status is also important when patients seek to make claims on their health insurance, which will often require physiotherapists to hold CSP membership. Barnes Sports Clinic's Chartered Physiotherapists are Matthew Barnes and Stephen Barnes.

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